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It’s All In The Hug, pt. 1

Kids aren’t mind readers, but they are capable of reading our body language. When we hear about the tragedies in the world, or about all the people and children in the war-torn countries found all around the world, the millions of children who are starving to death or being slaughtered, we each should be much,…


Back to Basics by Sheikh Hussain Yee, pt. 2

While we all want to move forward and better our eeman, good deeds, knowledge, wealth and health, yet sometimes having more may not be better. Excess is not always good. For example, consuming more sugar or fat can actually compromise your health. Anything that we want to do extra, without anchoring it to the Deen,…


Back to Basics by Sheikh Hussain Yee, pt. 1

We pray to Allah to make it easy for all of us to move forward, become stronger and wiser, and become a more positive Believer. Many challenges happened in our lives, and we expect more trials to come: fitnah and financial and political uncertainties. But we must take heart and be strong. In shaa Allah,…