Al-Khaadem Youth (AKY) is the youth wing of Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem, made up of like-minded individuals who lend support to Al-Khaadem’s programmes and activities.

AKY works to advance the common good advocated by Al-Khaadem, focusing specifically on issues affecting young Muslims today. We believe in spurring youth into positive action, equipping them with skills, competencies and a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge. Through these efforts, we can help today’s Muslim youths in developing a strong and noble character.

As members of Generation Y, we know firsthand how challenging it is to be a good Muslim in these challenging environment. Through peer support and teamwork, AKY strives to help Muslim youths to find their own individuality and optimise their talents without compromising their Islamic values.

Islam is not a dour religion; AKY is a fun group where youthful members and the young-at-heart can interact, nurturing friendship bonds and inspire others to be better Muslims, inshaAllah. Currently, AKY is led by Brother Imtiaz Hussain Yee with Sheikh Hussain Yee as the Advisor.