Choose Your Friends Wisely

Nobody can live without having friends. However, the kinds of friends you befriend can make or break you. Here are the types of friends you may find in life, based on the explanation of Sheikh Muhammad bin Soleh Al-’Uthaimin (rahimahullah) from the book Sharh Hilyatit Tolibil ‘Ilmi. A Friend of Benefit | صديق منفعة He […]

Various Names of The Last Day

The Last Day, however, has a considerable number of names in the Qur’an. The following are some of such names:   1 – Yawmul-Ba’th ( يوم البعث ) The Day of Resurrection. It is so called because it is a day on which people will rise after death. [Surah Ar-Rum, 30:56]   2 – Yawmul-Khuruj […]