Women In The Muslim Communities Today pt. 2

Fitnah-phobia The main argument that is used to exaggerate gender segregation practices and stifle women’s social life by preventing them from coming to the masajid, attending Islamic lectures or getting educated even though this contradicts the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) is the excuse of widespread corruption (fitnah), or fitnah-phobia. Phobia means an irrational, unfounded […]

Women In The Muslim Communities Today pt. 1

Towards Reviving the Ideal All scholars of Islam have agreed on the concept of revivalism in Islam, based on the hadith: “Allah will raise at the turn of every century one who will revive His deen.” (Abu Dawud). Self-correction, self-reform and rejuvenation are essential characteristics of this divinely guided Ummah. But this process is never […]