Al-Khaadem’ means ‘The One Who Serves’. This philosophy of selfless service underpins the purpose behind the establishment of Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem, which is to help all mankind, spiritually and physically.

Established in 1984 and officially launched in 1992, Al-Khaadem is an international humanitarian charitable body committed to helping those in need through effective charity and enacting/carrying out the message of the Noble Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

We serve mankind regardless of colour or creed, to reflect Islam’s compassion. Our community-based work focuses on engaging the public through education at our centre, seasonal activities/outreach programmes and mission-based initiatives.

Worldwide, Al-Khaadem deploys aid and relief on a need-is-greatest basis to help the marginalised and vulnerable in communities affected by crises such as military and political conflicts, famine and poverty, and floods and earthquakes.

Founder & President

Sheikh Hussain Yee is the Founder and President of Al-Khaadem. A Malaysian national of Chinese descent who is committed to da’wah dakwah and social work, ehas he is a unique and recognisable personality in the Islamic world. Sheikh Hussain is and popular for his simple yet insightful talks on the international Islamic lecture circuit and Islamic media networks such as TV Bahrain, TV Islaam Channel London, Peace TV India, and  Iqra’ TV.

Born into a Buddhist family, Sheikh Hussain Yee reverted to Islam in 1968. Upon completing his basic education, he furthered his studies at the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, majoring in Hadith. He was privileged to have studied under one of the great scholars on Hadith of the 20th century, Sheikh Muhammad Nasiruddin Al-Albani.

Upon graduation, Sheikh Hussain Yee worked in various organisations to strengthen and disseminate da’wah and support new reverts. Among other positions, he spent a year in 1980 as an Advisor for the Cambodian Islamic Refugee Organisation in Paris, France. He served as a Counsellor and Mubaligh Officer at PERKIM Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian agency for new reverts, and as the Director of Da’wah for the Islamic Center in Hong Kong from 1984 to 1985.

Al-Khaadem Youth

Al-Khaadem Youth (AKY) is the youth wing of Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem, made up of like-minded individuals who lend support to Al-Khaadem’s varied programmes and activities.

AKY works to  ato advance the common good advocated by Al-Khaadem, with a specific focus on issues affecting young Muslims today. We believe in spurring youth into positive action, equipping them with skills, competencies and a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge, and taking action as a group or community. Through these efforts, we can help today’s Muslim youths build a robust Islamic identity while negotiating different cultural terrains and connecting positively with the world we live in.

As members of Generation Y, we know firsthand how challenging it is to be a good Muslim in these difficult times. Through peer support and teamwork, AKY strives to help Muslim youths find their own individual voices and optimise their talents without compromising on their Islamic values. to

Islam is not a dour religion; AKY is a fun group where youthful members and the young-at-heart can interact, build bonds and bs inspire others to be better Muslims, inshaAllah. Currently, AKY is led by Brother Imtiaz Hussain Yee with Sheikh Hussain Yee as thethe Advisor.