Youth Camps

Our annual youth camps are carefully crafted to inspire today’s children and youths to be better individuals of tomorrow. Programmes consisting of educational talks, lively discussions, spiritual training and reflection, group projects and active outdoor pursuits, all designed to support today’s young generation to develop and strengthen their Muslim identities.

Perfecting My Solah

PMS or Perfecting My Solah is a one- day solah course with its main objective is to expose and guides the participants to learn the correct way of the prayer based on the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The programme is a combination of theories encompassing all issues related to solah and practical sessions guided by fascilitators.

Ramadhan Aid

We organise Ramadhan Aid on a yearly basis, distributing food, clothes, and other donations-in-kind to Malaysia’s poor, needy, and the disadvantaged as well as single mothers, New Muslims and the sight-impaired.

Humanitarian Aid

Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem aims to respond quickly to humanitarian disasters and conflicts around the world. We have changed the lives of thousands in nearly a quarter-century of international aid and charity work, worked alongside the people of Cambodia and Mongolia to raise funds to build masjids and have assisted to marginalize Muslims in Sri Lanka to rebuild their lives after the devastating tsunami in 2004.