Start With A Hug.

Some of you may not have been raised in a home that displayed affection and the thought of a hug, or the action itself, may be awkward and a little strange. But even if you didn’t receive it as a child, know that your children need it from you.

Hugging is a whole lot easier than you think, and once you get in the habit of doing it several times per day, it will become natural and a comfort to you and your children. Some kids, especially older kids, may push away at first, but underneath they welcome a big hug. It is an envelope of love from their Mom and Dad and after a period of time, with persistence, they will look forward to those moments of affection from the two people they admire the most. And, when they are older and married with children of their own, affection will be the norm, not an awkward action or a cold gesture. Then it will be just as they remembered from you, a warm embrace filled with love, affection and closeness.

Say What Is In Your Heart.

It is not only important to give your kids a hug everyday, it is also just as important to express your love for them. The Prophet (pbuh) even made du’a that Allah love Hassan, as he carried the child upon his shoulders and for all to hear. Barra said: “I saw the Prophet of Allah with Hassan upon his shoulders. The Prophet (pbuh) was saying: “O Allah I love him, so You love him too.” (Bukhari and Tirmidhi). We should never feel shy to express our love for our children, and as much as they need to hear it, we need to tell them.

Studies have shown that children that are raised in loving and affectionate households grow up to be more intelligent and conscious of others in the world. 

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