We pray to Allah to make it easy for all of us to move forward, become stronger and wiser, and become a more positive Believer.

Many challenges happened in our lives, and we expect more trials to come: fitnah and financial and political uncertainties. But we must take heart and be strong. In shaa Allah, by remembering the basic and fundamental teachings of Islam, we will be able to face all the coming challenges with patience and wisdom.

We know that we always want to increase our strengths and our defences in order to cope with these challenges. To do this, it’s very important for us to go back to the very foundation, the basics of the Deen. Without going back to the basics, we may create a lot of misunderstanding, confusion and fitnah to our religion.

So what do we have to do? Start with your own self first. Religion always reminds us to purify our inner selves and discipline ourselves before looking and judging others. Remember what the Prophet says (pbuh): “Everyone of you is a guardian and everyone of you is responsible (for those under his care)”, and we are responsible for what we do and say.

Eeman: We are responsible to ensure that we have the right eeman, so that it will not be polluted with khurafat, shirk and bid’ah.

Our deeds: It’s very important to ensure we engage in righteous deeds with the right intention and do not allow our deeds to be corrupted with bid’ah and the wrong intention.

Knowledge: We need to make sure that the knowledge we have been learning benefits us, makes us kinder, more humble, helpful and merciful towards one another for the sake of Allah. Stay away from knowledge that does not benefit us, that makes us overconfident, arrogant and overly judgemental towards others.

Wealth: We want to increase our wealth so we can contribute more in the cause of Allah, and to uphold the true teachings of Islam by helping the poor and the needy. We do not want wealth acquired from haram sources, with no barakah in it, that can make us greedy and selfish and compromise our eeman and religion.

Health: When we have good health, we’re in a position to do more for the Deen and serve Islam better.

These five things can only be strengthened and benefit us when we do not forget the basic foundation of the Deen. That is why, we always try to remind ourselves: do not forget the fundamentals – go back to the basics.

>To be continued…