While we all want to move forward and better our eeman, good deeds, knowledge, wealth and health, yet sometimes having more may not be better. Excess is not always good. For example, consuming more sugar or fat can actually compromise your health. Anything that we want to do extra, without anchoring it to the Deen, will always be bad for you.

That’s not to say we cannot aim to have more, as long as you go back to the basics. Look at what the Prophet (pbuh) has taught us: “Allahumma inni ‘ala dhikrika, wa shukrika, wa husni ‘ibadatik”. This very simple dzikir means a lot to those who reflect. “O Allah, I seek your help so that I can remember you in the way you want me to remember You, so that I’ll be thankful and grateful to You in the way You want me to show my thankfulness and gratefulness to You, and to worship You in an excellent manner”.

This du’a is to remind us that we don’t just remember Allah in any way we like, or be thankful just by saying “alhamdulillah”, or just keep on worshipping Allah in whatever way we choose without going back to the foundation of the Deen – by following the Guidance of Allah and the way of the Prophet (pbuh).

We pray may Allah have Mercy upon all of us and forgive all our wrongdoings, sayings, or the bad feelings that we have towards one another. And may Allah make us good practising and humble Muslims so that we will not be judgemental to others, but help and remind each other with wisdom.

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