Allah has blessed us with many wonderful friendships throughout our lives. Most have served as a comforting, healing balm that pull us through some of the more difficult times of our lives. Others create so much drama and turmoil that we can’t cut them loose fast enough! We have friendships that follow us from childhood until now, and we also encounter fresh, new relationships. The Prophet ﷺ was known to have said, “When souls recognise one another, they will become friends, if not they will simply part ways.” (Muslim)

The Prophet ﷺ also stated, “A true believer is a mirror to his brother. He prevents him from any harm.” (Abu Dawud). We are in fact mirrors in some way of those we decide to take on as companions. We have been guilty of associating with individuals whose behaviour is not worth mentioning. We have suffered the consequences of those alliances. But then also came the sobering realisation that we might not be so different, as we had found something attractive enough in them to pursue an acquaintance, regardless of all the glaring, warning signs.

As believers, we are instructed to be careful of the companions we choose for friendships. Our friendships can draw us closer to our Creator or cause us to sever all ties of faith we have established. As with most relationships in this lifetime, we will experience blessings in some friendships, and trials through others. Just who are our friends? How do they affect the person we are or hope to become? What kind of friend are we?

To be continued…