Every soul will taste death” Ali-‘Imran: 185


Death is inevitable. Every soul will definitely face death when the time comes. Do we know when our time will be? Are we ready to return to our Creator? Many a time, when we face this huge trial; i.e  when someone in our household passes away, we (the waris) don’t know what to do.


What do we do now? Who do we call? What should we do next?


These are the questions that will go through our minds when a death happens at home.

This article aims to layout the steps needed to be taken in the event a death occurs at home. Please take note that these procedures might be differ from state to state. However, in general, these are the things the waris can do:


1. Contact the Nearest Clinic or Hospital

You should call or go directly to the nearest private or public clinic and inform them of the death. A doctor will come to your house to confirm the death and issue a death slip or a death certificate.


2. Go to the Nearest Police Station

The next step is to bring the death slip/certificate to the nearest police station. The police will issue a burial permit, which will be required at the mosque and graveyard.


3. Go The Nearest Mosque or Surau

Bring along the death slip and burial permit to the mosque. If no one is available, the contact person for jenazah arrangement is usually posted on the mosque’s notice board. The person in charge will inform you of the available jenazah packages. These packages are provided by the mosque. The mosque will contact the Muslim graveyard for arrangement of the burial lot.

Then, the mosque will issue a letter to confirm the jenazah belongs to the kariah. This letter must be brought to the graveyard. Usually, the letter is titled ‘Surat Pengesahan Kariah’.


4. Submit the Documents

At the graveyard, you will be asked by the person in charge to submit all the documents issued above. Once all documents are in order, the burial process will begin.