Love for Others What You Love for Yourself

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “None of you truly believes until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.” (Bukhari and Muslim). The Prophet (pbuh) was aware that this level of loyalty and faithfulness to one’s brother/sister was very difficult to achieve without sincerity. It requires that a believer’s heart be free of the common diseases of hate, envy, and selfishness. A sincere loyal Muslim, who truly likes for his brother/sister what he likes for himself, does not forget to make a sincere du’a for his/her brother/sister in their absence.

When we see our brother or sister suffering through a difficult situation, we should not wait for them to request that we keep them in our du’a. Our loyalty and faithfulness to one another should make it an automatic response to remember those suffering in our community and throughout the world. We must visit our sick and elderly brothers and sisters, make certain that those experiencing financial troubles have all they need, and pay special care to the upkeep of our community landmarks.

Without a sense of loyalty, human relationships as well as communities will cease to exist. And even though the level of loyalty varies according to the extent of the relationship, some loyalty and faithfulness must exist for human relationships to flourish no matter how isolated they are. As for Muslim communities, they cannot exist without the principle of brotherhood which is the most practical demonstration of sincere loyalty, faithfulness and caring.

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