Our Work


Learning programmes at Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem focus on educating the public on the teachings of the Noble Qur’an and the traditions (sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We are committed to revive the true teachings of Islam without the influences of culture or tradition and simultaneously, bridging the gap between the Muslim and the Western world by promoting the spirit of diversity in race and culture.


New Muslims Programme

This weekly programme (Every Saturdays, 11am to 1pm) helps assimilate new Muslims into the fold of Islam and makes the transition and integration process as seamless as possible. This free service combines talks and lively discussions in a friendly and comfortable setting.

New Muslims enjoy the dedicated support of a volunteer ie Mentor through the Buddy Programme. Mentors act as a point of reference for those who are unable to attend classes at the Al Khaadem Centre or who wish to study Islam in a less structured environment.


Sungai Gabai Tahfiz Centre

The centre focuses on grooming the young to be leaders of the future, guided by the holistic principles of Islam. Lessons conducted are focused on religious studies ie of Arabic language, tafseer of the Noble Qur’an and fiqh with an emphasis on the memorisation and understanding of the Noble Qur’an.

Scholarships are awarded to students who excel in their studies to pursue their education overseas. The centre primarily admits children,  whom majority are from underprivileged homes, although admission may be considered for candidates who display an inclination towards Islamic studies.



Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem organises various events promoting contemporary Islamic issues and da’wah that aim to promote unity among Muslims and bridge the gap between Islam and other faiths