In Taiwan recently, Sheikh Hussain Yee was honoured to have had the privilege in speaking at two of the country’s top universities: the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) and the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).

The first was delivered as part of the NTUST International Muslim Student Association‘s (IMSA) activity. The lecture discussed the topic of one God that is practised in all religion and finding the true faith. It provided Sheikh Hussain the opportunity to address not just the Muslim community there, but also people of other faiths who attended the event. His talk further discussed on the essence of all religion which notably highlighted the difference between Divine laws and man-made laws. He also emphasised on the true Islamic ideals and teachings, which is to promote peace and understanding and fielded questions on Islam as portrayed in the media.

Speaking about One God to a multi-faith audience at NTUST.

The crowd at NTUST talk.

IMSA-NTUST President, Hadziq Fabroyir, thanking Sheikh Hussain with a memento.

After dinner with IMSA-NTUST.

Sheikh then travelled to Hsinchu south of Taipei and spoke at the NCTU Muslim Students Club’s (MSC) three-day Islamic Cultural Exhibition 2015. Guests of honour at the talk/exhibition included Mohammad Firdaus Oging and Mohammad Ali Selamat from the Malaysian Friendship & Trade Centre, Taipei; Agung Sepande and Arief Mukti Krisnawan from the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei; Professor Yung-Jye Dawud Sha, Chair Person of Chung Yuan Christian University; and Mr Hua-Cheng An, Division Director of NCTU. In a separate evening event, Sheikh addressed the MSC-NCTU students at the university’s musolla on how to make the right da’wah and seize the opportunity to speak to the community on Islam and its beautiful message.

Speaking in Science and Islam at NCTU

From left: Br Alamin of NCTU, Mr An and Sheikh Hussain at the exchanging of mementoes.

Sheikh Hussain visiting the booths at the MSC-NCTU Islamic Cultural Exhibition.

After the completion of a successful talk at NCTU.

Taiwan’s Muslim community further extended their warm hospitality to Sheikh Hussain, hosting him on various occasions for dinner while engaging in constructive dialogues. These included Br Muhammad Mujahid; Br Amin Uddin; Br Ibrahim Chao, former Taiwan ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Br Meer Shuib Farooque, Imam Ismail Wang and Imam Ishag Ma, vice-Imam of Taipei Grand Mosque.

From left: Br Alamin (emcee), Mohammad Firdaus Oging, Arief Mukti Krisnawan, Agung Sepande, Mohammad Ali Selamat, Sheikh Hussain, Mr An, Prof Sha, Br Hafidz, Br Haikal and Br Ousmane (all from MSC-NCTU).

Sheikh Hussain accompanying Mr An on a walkabout of the exhibition booths. All photos by Sister Anis Ramli