29 March, 2015 – Sheikh Hussain Yee was the guest of honour at the 2nd Australian Islamic Peace Conference (AIPC), a Melbourne interfaith conference on peace, organised by the Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA) based in Australia. Held at the prestigious Melbourne Convention Centre, it carried the theme ‘Muhammad (PBUH) – The Mercy’, to showcase his exemplary manners in all aspects of his life.


Wrapping up the conference with a few reminders.

Sheikh Hussain with the organisers upon a successful event.


The AIPC is the first Muslim platform in Australia where speakers of other faiths (including Jews and Christians) were invited and given the opportunity to address hundreds and thousands of Muslims in order to enhance the message of peace and understanding amongst people of all faiths. The event was graced by local Australian and international speakers, including Cantor Michel Laloum from St Kilda’s Temple Beth Israel who shared the stage with Brother Waseem in addressing the multifaith session on the subject of ‘Peace according to Moses (PBUH)’ and ‘Peace according to Mohammed (PBUH)’ respectively.


The conference was officiated by Mr Bayram Aktepe, Vice President of Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), and was also attended by representatives from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Australia.