Alhamdulillah, Sheikh Hussain Yee made a return trip to Tokyo for what has become an annual public lecture engagement at Assalaam Mosque. Hosted by Assalaam Foundation’s Chairman, Brother Mohamed Nazeer and his team, Sheikh delivered the Friday Khutbah and did a two-day weekend lecture: a review of last year’s Perfecting My Solah course, and a talk on preparing for Ramadhan.

Tokyo2-2Reviewing the solat course at Assalam Mosque.

In both his Khutbah and lectures, Sheikh continued with his reminders to the adherence of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and not to treat these merely as slogans. Of the utmost importance, he says, is to ensure the etiquette of the salah according to the Prophet (ﷺ) is observed, and to perform the salah the way the Prophet had taught us.

Tokyo4Admiring Allah’s creation at Shiraito Falls, Fuji National Park.
Tokyo5Ease of salah at Mount Fuji National Park.


Assalam Mosque, also known as Okachimachi Mosque, is an extension of Assalam Foundation’s services as a non-profit, non-political institute that provides religious education and da’wah through its Community Centre. It serves the local community in promoting better understanding and mutual respect between Muslims and other faiths. Its weekend lectures are a staple activity, with the mosque providing a meeting point for local Muslims to gather and seek knowledge while strengthening the uhkwah.