About Al-Khaadem


‘Al-Khaadem’ means ‘The One Who Serves’. This philosophy of selfless service underpins the purpose behind the establishment of Pertubuhan Al-Khaadem, which is to help all mankind, spiritually and physically.


Established in 1984 and officially launched in 1992, Al-Khaadem is a Malaysian humanitarian charitable body committed to helping those in need through effective charity and as guided by the Noble Qur’an and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).


We serve mankind regardless of colour or creed, to reflect Islam’s compassion. Our community-based work focuses on engaging the public through education at our centre, seasonal activities/outreach programmes and mission-based initiatives.

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Worldwide, Al-Khaadem deploys aid and relief on a need-is-greatest basis to help the marginalised and vulnerable in communities affected by crises such as military and political conflicts, famine and poverty, and floods and earthquakes.